Geometry Maze

Mobile & PC follow up to the discontinued VR project.

As a player You are trapped in a maze built up from cubic rooms. You have the map to get out, or to find another (and probably even more complicated) piece of map. Entering the wrong cube is lethal…remember Cube (1997)?

Team: Hillar Uudevald (idea, didactics), Siim Soonsein (developer).

Tools I use: Unreal Engine 5

Autumn 2022...


Youtube (changing size of the maze, moving platforms, cubes generation)

"Chop-Chop", Ludum Dare 51 (2022)

This game was made for Ludum Dare 51 (theme: Every 10 Seconds) submission, during University of Tartu Game Jam 2022 (Estonia).

About the game. There is a door, a door that is locked, locked with the key hidden, hidden in a maze, a maze that is deadly, deadly unless you can chop it. Chop-Chop!

You can find playable on Itch (331Mb, for Windows only).

Team: Yogini Mauree (3D artist), Siim Soonsein (Developer), Jaanus Jaggo (Developer), Rasmus Talioja (UI), Merily Krill (3D artist), Robert Meier (3D artist).

My role: programming, a bit of sounds (recording, editing)

Tools I used: Unreal Engine 4

Autumn 2022.

"Oh no...", Global Game Jam 2022

This game was made during University of Tartu Pro Game Jam 2022 in Tartu (Estonia) by team Unidentified Game Object. 3rd price in Junior League. (theme: Duality).

It's a creepy first person horror game.

Game setting: after a ritual gone wrong, your pet turtle gets infused with an ancient doll gathering dust in the basement. Now it’s your job to end its misery. Or it will end yours.

You can find playable on Itch (120Mb, for Windows only) or watch gameplay.

Team: Yogini Mauree (3D artist, writer), Mari-Anna Lepasson (sound designer), Kevin Polakes (3D artist), Siim Soonsein (Developer + Soundtrack, which I have made earlier in year 2008).

Tools I used: Unreal Engine 4

Spring 2022.


We polished the game during the stay at Spelkollektivet in Oct 2022, added the trailer and submitted to Game Development World Championship in Student Award &Hobby category.

"Sorting Numbers" related to Divided Attention Research

Game for a research purpose. More info soon...

Team: Yiannis Laouris team (idea, research), Siim Soonsein (developer).

Tools I use: Unreal Engine 5

Spring 2022

Subsistence, Game Wave Festival (Jurmala, Riga)

This game was started at Game Wave Festival in Jurmala (Latvia) and is now continuing

It's a explorative walking simulator with atmospheric horror touch.

Here is a playable / teaser from the 2nd day of game jam. We are continuing with this project and we are going to present it in December.

Team: Yogini Mauree (Art Director, the idea), Märt Luigujõe (3D Artist, Janno Joosep Mathias Malmre (3D Artist), Siim Soonsein (Developer).

Tools I used: started with Unity, later turned to UE5

Fall 2021 - ...


A small game (playable) developed during Design and Integration of Game Assets course at Tallinn University to practice creating audiovisual game assets and integrating them into a short game. It's a turn-based game where a paranoid ghost has to prevent his little brother from performing dangerous internet trends that could lead to his death.

Team: Sandra Silver (2D-artist, sounds), Yogini Mauree (3D-artist), Huynh Duc Minh Pham (Game Designer), Siim Soonsein (Developer)

Tools I used: Unity.

Spring 2021.

We Showed Up - Easier Said Than Run

This game was made under Global Game Jam 2021 together with art school students (theme: "Lost and Found").

It's a point&click memory game where You have to remember Your walking path - suddenly You notice You have lost Your phone and have to go back using the same path to search for Your phone and to find it.

Team: Maria Orle, Kris Leies (2D), Sissely Pärn, Raigo Tselištšev (3D), Siim Soonsein.

My role: programming

Tools I used: Unreal Engine

Music: / Title: Sidewalk / Album: MED

Spring 2021

Level Design Story

A small game (playable) developed during 2 weekends for Level Design course project. In this project we focused on environmental design and how the environment helps to tell the story through different visual and auditive clues.

Team: Yogini Mauree (3D art mainly), Siim Soonsein (programming mainly)

My role: We had mixed roles, but I was responsible for most of the programming, and designing the environment (walls ect).

Tools I used: Unity, Sketchup.

Audio Cues:

Spring 2021.


Demo multiplayer game about collecting empty bottles.

This is a demo for showing off my skills in game development. Main purpose is to show the implementation of: 1) localization; 2) game for 2 devices (PC - Windows, mobile - Android); 3) network capability

Tools I used: Unreal Engine, Sketchup, Twinmotion, Datasmith, Adobe Illustrator, (video edit and sounds from) Windows Video Editor.

Solo project, fall 2020.