Subsistance Game (ongoing project)

October 2022

Going to Spelkollektivet for 2 months soon, to develop our game further.

August 2022

We have been prototyping the Scene 2 during the summer, but nothing to show yet.

Feb 2022

Showcased our game at WN Conference in Berlin.

Will take a pause until summer, new updates coming August 2022.

Dec 2021

Level1 walkthrough

Our social links: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Sept 2021

This game was made during Game Wave Festival in Jurmala (Latvia).

It's a explorative walking simulator with atmospheric horror touch.

Here is a playable / teaser from the 2nd day of game jam.


Core Team: Yogini Mauree (Art Director, the idea), Mari-Anna Leppasson (Writer / Sound Designer), Siim Soonsein (Developer).

Special thanks to the people who have episodically participated in this project as a Uni students or game jam participants: Sandra Silver (2D Art, Voice actor), Téo Gimenez (Project Manager), Märt Luigujõe (3D Artist), Janno Joosep Mathias Malmre (3D Artist), Kaire Leiten-Khan (Voice actor)