Oh no...

Game made during University of Tartu Pro Game Jam 2022 in Tartu (Estonia) by team Unidentified Game Object. 3rd price in Junior League. (theme: Duality).

It's a creepy first person horror game. 

Game setting: after a ritual gone wrong, your pet turtle gets infused with an ancient doll gathering dust in the basement. Now it’s your job to end its misery. Or it will end yours.

You can find playable on Itch (120Mb, for Windows only) or watch gameplay.

Polished the game during the stay at Spelkollektivet in Oct 2022, added the trailer and submitted to Game Development World Championship in Student Award &Hobby category.

This game was nominated as one of the best (which it is definitely not) Estonian game at GDWC.


Yogini Mauree (3D artist, writer), 

Mari-Anna Lepasson (sound designer), 

Kevin Polakes (3D artist), 

Siim Soonsein (Developer + Soundtrack, which I have made earlier in year 2008).